Healing Touch Tattoo restores hope for women in the breast cancer community by providing professional-grade medical tattooing.


3D nipple restoration

This tattoo procedure is for women who have opted out, or are not a candidate for getting a physical nipple reconstruction. Most procedures are completed in two sessions...



Areola Repigmentation

Areola Repigmentation is the procedure for women that have opted to have nipple reconstructive surgery. Once your newly reconstructed nipple(s) are in place and healed,





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Multiple Treatment Centers to best serve you.

Since Judy’s first breast tattoo in 2004, she has worked alongside professional surgeons from well respected hospitals and clinics in both Utah and Idaho. These include 3 IHC facilities and 3 others to best serve the breast cancer community. To see a complete list of each treatment centers click below.


She did a great Job of making me feel whole again

After having radical mastectomys and healing from my Breast Cancer, I had reconstructive surgery. I really wanted to have nipples again and so I started to search for "Medical Tattoos." I found Judy! She did such a great job of making me feel whole again. It helped me close this chapter and move on to normal again. Judy does a great job of selecting the right ink colors. They look so good and natural. It has been 3 years so far and they still look amazing. I had a minor touch up and it is so nice to know there is someone like Judy to help you get confidence back and to feel normal. I am so thankful for her caring, kind nature and willingness to help us all heal.

–Brandy G.



I am able to now look in the mirror and not think about breast cancer!

I found Judy through my insurance company  IHC.  My plastic surgeon recommended an artist to tattoo areolas following my breat cancer reconstruction.  I called  IHC to confirm coverage and was informed I need to use someone they contract with.  That's how I found Judy.  She is kind, caring, and does a fabulous job.  She has provided touch ups over the years and each time it's like meeting with an old friend.  My surgeon once told me his goal was for me to be able to look in the mirror and not think about breast cancer.  With Judy's help that has come to fruition.

– Pamela K.



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